a cord worn around the neck in norway

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PECTORAL CROSS – The pectoral cross is a small cross, usually about 6 inches in height, worn around the neck of a bishop and suspended by either a cord or a chain. The cord is green and gold for a bishop and scarlet and gold for a cardinal. EPISCOPAL RING – When a Bishop is consecrated as a Bishop, he receives a ring representing his office

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2X w/4X Bifocal Schweizer Around the Neck Magnifier SKU#: 794002 Schweizer 2x/4D Hands Free Magnifier with adjustable neck cord to enable the user to support the magnifier on their chest, enabling hands-free use.

Neck Anatomy, Area & Diagram | Body Maps

Feb 10, 2015· The neck is the start of the spinal column and spinal cord. The spinal column contains about two dozen inter-connected, oddly shaped, bony segments, called vertebrae. The neck …

Laniard - definition of laniard by The Free Dictionary

laniard - a cord worn around the neck to hold a knife or whistle. lanyard. cord - a line made of twisted fibers or threads; "the bundle was tied with a cord" 3. laniard - (nautical) a line used for extending or fastening rigging on ships. lanyard. sailing, seafaring, navigation - the work of a sailor.

How to Wear a Face Mask: Ear Loops or Around the Head an Neck

Mar 31, 2020· Thee are two ways to wear a face mask- ear loops or with a larger loop around the head and neck. The head/neck option is more secure but it is a bit of a challenge to learn how to put on.

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Sep 09, 2006· I have worn an Arc-AAA, and more recently, a Matterhorn aluminum lug style single LED around my neck on a piece of nylon string for the past 4 years or more. Neither light is inexpensive at around $35 new, but it''s always there when you need it, runs on AAA batteries, has never turned on accidently, and is virtually impossible to lose.

Myths about Cervical Collars after Neck Surgery

Jan 19, 2018· I’m not exactly sure why the neck brace engenders so many strong feelings among patients, most of whom have never tried one on, much less worn one for any length of time. Maybe we associate all cervical collars with the tacky courtroom dramas on TV in the 70s and 80s, where the plaintiff was rear-ended in an automobile accident and looking to

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This mummified human hand hangs around a character''s neck by a leather cord (taking up space as a magic necklace would). If a magic ring is placed on one of the fingers of the hand, the wearer benefits from the ring as if wearing it herself, and it does not count against her two-ring limit. The hand can wear only one ring at a time.

What a Bishop Wears

material worn around the neck under the cassock. The color of the material matches the color of the cassock. FASCIA (Sash): Wide belt worn around the waist with the cassock with two longer bands hemmed with fringe that hang from the waist. Priests wear black, bishops wear purple, cardinals wear red, and the pope wears white.

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Cervical Vertigo: Overview, Causes, and Symptoms

Sep 28, 2018· Cervical vertigo, or cervicogenic dizziness, is a neck-related sensation in which a person feels like either they’re spinning or the world around them is spinning.Poor neck posture, neck

ASICS Runners Face Cover review: the BEST face mask for

The ASICS Runners Face Cover is comfortable to wear despite the fact that it only come in one size. This is at least partially due to the adjustable cord that can be used to tighten the mask as

Sesli Sözlük - a cord worn around the neck; used to hold a

a cord worn around the neck; used to hold a small object such as a whistle çevirisi anlamı nedir nasıl telaffuz ediliz a cord worn around the neck; used to hold a small object such as a whistle teriminin İngilizce Türkçe sözlükte anlamıİlgili Terimlerlanyardboyun (yaka) askı ipi (kimlik kartı, hakem düdüğ

The Neck Wallet (the hidden money belt you wear around

A typical one is made up of two parts: a cord-like length that hangs around your neck, and a pocket or pouch, which you wear under your blouse or T-shirt. One advantage is easy access - it''s much easier to dip into one of these pouches than into a travel money belt around your waist. You also don''t have to half undress to get into it.

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Mar 29, 2019· Secure the hood using the cord and a button or pin. Most hoods include a small cord that hangs off the triangular end that goes around your neck. Loop this cord around a shirt button or a purposefully made button inside your graduation gown to keep the hood safely in place.